• Services Reinforcement Design
  • Completion 11/23/2020
  • Chronology 2018-2020


The customer contacted us with a request to analyze whether the tower could support the proposed equipment. The point of the modification is as follows – out of the existing 39 units of equipment, it is necessary to remove 3 of them and add 13 more. A detailed structural analysis showed that the existing foundation of the customer’s tower would not be able to withstand the proposed configuration of the new equipment. Therefore, our engineers proposed a foundation reinforcement design that guarantees the safety and stability of the tower. After reviewing the modification drawings, the customer agreed to further cooperation.


The customer received a package of engineering solutions (analysis and drawings) with an estimated cost of work. This made it possible to determine specific parameters for strengthening the foundation of the tower. The proposed solution complied with the main request of the customer – to increase the number of equipment by 13 units (3 antennas, 9 RRHs, 1 DC) of the existing 36. Further work on strengthening the foundation was carried out quickly, efficiently, and economically thanks to the qualitative structural analysis of our engineers.