Telecom structural analysis

Roof Top Mounts 

Due to the limited space available in many Urban and Downtown environments, conventional tower space is limited or nonexistent. Albul Engineering has the solution, and we can engineer rooftop antenna mounts.

Albul Engineering will coordinate with building management and all local jurisdictions so the mount is in code compliance and design the mounting system required for the installation.

If you are adding equipment to an existing rooftop mount, Albul engineering can analyze the existing mount to see if it needs additional reinforcement and provide a professionally engineered solution.

Mount Analysis 

Albul Engineering specializes in the analysis of mounting systems. We can determine if the mount is able to hold the proposed load added to it and determine any necessary modifications that the mount might be required.

Environmental Analysis 

Albul Engineering can assist with environmental analysis and can provide the following services: NEPA, EA, Phase 1 &2, Historic Preservation, and other jurisdictional or customer-required environmental services.