• Services: Modification Design
  • Completion Year: 05/14/2021
  • Location: 2019-2021


In April 2019, we received a customer request to test the structural capacity of an existing structure to upgrade antennas and related equipment. We have conducted the mount analysis for the existing platform and the structural analysis of the roof to accommodate the new equipment. According to the results of the analysis, we found that the structural capacity is adequate for the new load and complies with all engineering standards. However, a year later, the client wanted to increase the height of the antenna mounts to expand the signal coverage area. We proposed to make an additional level above the platform.


The customer received a developed design solution for creating an additional level of antennas. In addition, our team proposed to close the equipment with a new FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) screen wall. It allowed to comply with the urban planning standards of the NY state, as well as preserve the aesthetic appearance of the building on which the equipment is located. After installing the screen wall and new units of equipment our engineers carried out a special inspection to ensure that the equipment was properly put into operation. As a result, the customer received confirmation of the compliance of the installed structures with the elaborated drawings by our company.