• Services: Foundation Reinforcement Engineering, Project Management, Construction Inspection
  • Completion Year: 2020
  • Location: BETHESDA, MD

Project Scope

Our client approached us with a request to address issues related to an existing 150-foot tower foundation, including modification, repair, and reinforcement. 

The challenge was compounded by the presence of noticeable cracks in the current foundation. Some cracks exceeding 0.5 inches, as indicated by detailed inspection data. Considering these conditions, we determined that the most suitable course of action was to enhance the foundation’s stability by adding a concrete collar and helical piles.

Due to concerns about the effectiveness of the existing anchor bolts given the foundation’s poor condition, our engineers recommended the addition of extra anchor bolts to ensure proper load transfer to the new foundation. 

Furthermore, to ensure the safety and stability of the entire structure during the project’s duration, temporary braces were deemed necessary and were installed on the helical piles. Our company also played a vital role in supervising the progress of the reinforcement installation and concrete pouring. 


Despite facing significant challenges imposed by local regulations, we successfully resolved the issues at hand. The project site’s proximity to both a fire station and a park presented substantial logistical constraints. To mitigate these challenges, we developed a temporary support system while excavating the foundation. 

Additionally, we implemented multiple project design adjustments to ensure full compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Through close collaboration with contractors and our client, we identified the most optimal and cost-effective solution, avoiding any unnecessary expenses. 

This approach enabled us to establish specific parameters for reinforcement the tower’s foundation. Consequently, the tower’s foundation is now adequately reinforced, extending the service life of the primary structure.